Day 2 – Research, Research, and oh, look. Research.

As the second day dawned, I was excited to start my second full day (and first full work day). After our morning meeting, Maddie, Rachel, and I all went up to our lab and met with Joe. We discussed yesterday’s work and observations regarding the Bigshot and this led to him assigning us a few research topics so that we may better understand imaging science and what we will need for this project. Maddie chose to research systems engineering. Rachel decided to mess around with ImageJ and learn about image processing. I did research on the differences between CMOS and CCD sensors as well as lenses and their different classifications. After a well-deserved lunch break, we dimmed the lights (we have potentiometers in our lab) finished our research in the armchairs and on the couch, then finally transmitted our information onto the whiteboards. After simply researching the Raspberry Pi (the small computer that we will use to create our camera) and the programming language known as Python, I typed up this blog. Not the most eventful day, for sure, but an important one.


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