First Day at CIS

Despite my posting this today, yesterday was my actual first day at the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science at RIT. Yesterday was a busy day, so I’m getting around to this blog post now. Arriving bright and early at 7:30, I waited around for everyone to arrive around 8:30. When the other interns arrived, most of our time was spent going around the table trying to remember everyone’s names; a fairly successful exercise. Once Bethany showed up, she split us up into teams for a scavenger hunt across the RIT campus with video cameras and little to no energy. My group, consisting of Rory, Lizzy, Rachel, and Jacqueline, was fairly successful in our hunt and we had a good time doing it. Afterwards, we all returned to the reading room and put together our videos detailing our adventures across campus. We had a small pizza break, finished up our videos, then (after a slight misunderstanding on our destination) went across the hall to watch each group’s assembled work. Awards were given, prizes were awarded, and we finally all broke off to visit our separate labs. I would like to just take a second before we go further and say the Joe Pow is an awesome guy. He is THE awesome guy. The definite article. Anyway, moving on. Rachel, Maddie, and I settled in to our lab with our first activity: building Bigshot DIY cameras as preliminary research. After accomplishing that, we ran around the CIS building to field-test the cameras and their qualities. Well, that was my first day. I, for one, am extremely excited for what this internship has in store.

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