Day 3

Today wasn’t a busy day by any means,  but it was productive. After the morning meeting, my lab had a small meeting with Joe about yesterday’s findings and where we could move on from there. He suggested we research Pugh analysis and that we begin to put together a list of requirements. We worked on that throughout the morning, then we sojourned to the “movie” presentation on the second floor. We got to watch a TED talk, which are always fascinating, as well as some other videos which stimulated the brain in areas such as perception and the brain itself. We returned to our lab after the lunch and finished our work. I sketched out some rough ideas for the camera and researched the Raspberry Pi a bit until Joe returned for another team chat. He told us to simply put all our refined requirements into an email and send them his way, as he will be out tomorrow and unable to meet with us. Hopefully tomorrow will prove to be interesting as our (secret) plans suggest.


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