Day 4 – Business as Usual

Today was ridiculously similar to every day previous with a few changes. I worked on learning Python for the majority of the day. We also put together our list of requirements and sent off a list of needed materials to Joe. We met some of the other interns at Crossroads for lunch today and Abraham accompanied us to the Color Science Laboratory afterwards, as well. We went to hunt down a woman who ended up not even being there, then turned the corner into what was apparently a completely different building. After a redirection from a helpful building resident and a brief chat with a woman and two graduate students, we made our way back to the CIS along a wide, sweeping path which we took for no reason. The rest of the day was humdrum except for my talking with Meaghan (spelling?) when she visited our lab. She answered my questions about the wonderful world of imaging science, and I think that I might just be tempted to go into that field, for I can still partake in the biomedical field and many other which I am interested in.

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