Day 5 – End of the first week

Friday was a slow day (well, slower than usual) due to my forgetting my locker key at home. Sitting in my locker is the laptop I was lent by RIT. So that happened. I found a textbook that was co-written by Rafael Gonzales and Richard Woods. Both of whom were instructed by Joe Pow. Probably. Anyway,  I found that book, Digital Image Processing, and a couple others in my lab and so I read that for the most part of the day. I fell asleep on the couch,  however,  and used that as my half hour lunch.

After my power nap, my lab went to go join the festivities on CIS’s front lawn for the first intern cookout of the year. The food was great,  the weather was fantastic, and the turnout was surprising. Rachel, Abraham, and I went and played bocchi (?) behind some trees in a very anti-social manner just because.

The rest of the day consisted of my lab designing t-shirts and just doing whatever seemed necessary. We finished our work breakdown structure, found what seems to be a good way to implement a battery into our camera, and I worked my way through a bit of Digital Image Processing. All in all,  not the worst of days at all. I’m really loving this internship, and I’ll hate to see it end in just five weeks. Hey, if you guys ever need any assistants or anything at CIS, paid or unpaid, just let me know! The lab environment makes me feel right at home for some reason.


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