Day 6 – The True Beginning

As Joe walked into the lab on Monday morning, I could tell the day was all go, dog, go. Matt, our student helper (I have no idea what to call him) was introduced to us during our meeting with Joe. He’s a pretty cool guy, and I think he’ll fit in well to the dynamic my group has established. So, after looking over everything we’ve done so far, we finally laid out a final(ish) work breakdown structure, and are ready to get to work on this damn camera! Woo! However, the rest of my day was spent learning to code and researching some specifics about implementation and resources. Open source software will always and forever be my best friend.

On a different note, after lunch Abraham, Rory, Jimmy, and I went with Adam back to his lab to watch him at work. Rory screwed up his code within five seconds, and it turns out Adam was using an old version of his code. Whoops.


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