DIY Camera Lab – Abstract

Many “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) cameras on the market lack the level of sophistication that would introduce a prospective student of imaging science to some of the main areas that the field is concerned with. This problem will attempt to be rectified through the creation of a new DIY camera. This camera will utilize the Raspberry Pi computer and its official camera module. To help achieve this goal we will be utilizing external lenses, third-party modifications to the preexisting camera module, a custom power supply working with common household batteries, and a casing for the whole contraption that will be created using the lab’s local 3D printer. On the conceptual end, the group has used Pugh Analysis (a.k.a. Decision Matrix Method) to decide on our final method of approach, which was outlined above, and a work breakdown structure so as to decide, generally, what each person would be responsible for. However, due to the time constraints on this project, the initial form that the result will take will merely be the first of many. This project will be carried on and improved upon as time progresses, creating what will hopefully be thought of as an exceptional introduction to imaging science.


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