Hump Day (and it feels like it)

The morning meeting was nothing out of the ordinary. However, it turned out that Abraham was selected (as reigning chess champion) to play against twenty six opponents SIMULTANEOUSLY. That’s impressive. Admit it. Anyway. Today was a day of research. Again. There are a lot of short sentences here, I know. If it bothers you, that’s too bad. After researching the Pi Camera for a good majority of the morning, Rachel, Maddie, and I attempted to get garbage plates, failed, then went and joined Abraham and Adam at Crossroads for lunch. I visited Adam’s lab with Abraham briefly, using up a bit of extra time accrued on Tuesday night, then returned to my own lab. I barely missed Joe, sadly, as I was just a bit late returning. However, I was just in time to go test lenses in one of the optical lab. Matt showed us how to do so and left us to our own devices. We would bring the lens into focus, measure the object distance and image distance, then calculate the focal length of the lens using those two values. The end of the day was quite uneventful as it ended up being more research and brainstorming. I cannot wait until we get to actually start building this camera, honestly. It will no doubt be a good time with challenges and a steady stream of work.

Testing Lenses
Testing Lenses

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