The Second Friday

Nothing big today. That is a phrase that I will most likely continue to repeat until we begin the development phase of this project. So, here’s the actual recap of Friday.

In the morning, Maddie had set up for our lab a phone meeting with Steven Sasson, the inventor of the digital camera. He was a fairly relaxed guy, and he was friendly and helpful as well. He gave us some good ideas and reminded us of some points that we need to pay attention to during the design and creation of the camera. Some of these points to be wary of included aliasing, ergonomics, and aesthetics. A few ideas are a detachable LCD (still connected via ribbon cable), the use of single-use cameras for salvaging optics, and creating a mock up so that ergonomics can be tested using subjects.

We researched how to remove a Raspberry Pi’s camera module lens, then, while the girls continued that, I continued my self-education on the Raspberry Pi and how to implement Python with it. Once the second Pi gets registered with the RIT network, I can finally update it, grab the needed Python modules, and begin messing with some code for use with the camera and shutter release.


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