NASA, Subs, and Batteries, Oh My

Today, for lunch, Bethany and Bob set up a Skype call with an imaging science alumni, Matt Montanaro. He now works at NASA. Goddamn NASA. You have to respect that. I sure do. We had Dibella’s subs beforehand, but the talk was the real highlight. He told us about some of the experience he has gained at NASA as well as going in-depth about a project he worked on. After lunch, I researched different batteries, conferred with my teammates, then researched again. I find that our best bet in both size and power seems to be the lithium ion polymer battery with the specs of 3.7V and 1200mAh. It will be interfaced with the USB Lilon/Lipoly charger. Pictures below. You guys are smart, I’m sure you’ll figure out which is which. For a display, we’ll be using the cutest little LCD out there, the PiTFT Mini Kit which, like the battery and adapter board, is from Adafruit. Towards the end of the day, Vicky decided to come hang out and check out our lab, which was fun. I was actually disappointed that I had to leave 15 minutes early because we rarely get visitors and I appreciated that she decided to come visit.


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