The Most Wednesday of Wednesdays

First thing Wednesday morning, Rachel, Maddie, and I went down to take Lizzy’s and Jacqueline’s test. It was an alright test. Not bad, and I didn’t mind it, but I wouldn’t volunteer to sit down for it again unless they needed more subjects. After that, while the girls were finishing up, I visited Vicky’s lab and got a brief synopsis on what she was doing. She’s using a neat program called Vizard (like Lizard, Wizard, Lizard Wizard, and Wizard Lizard, for those of you having trouble pronouncing) to create 3D environments and simulate tests. These tests, from what I gather, are such things as bouncing a ball (probably a program test) and tracking the movement of a hand. She told me to return on Thursday so that I could learn about Raul’s project. At least, I think his name was Raul. Either way.

After the lab visits, I returned to my lab only to find Maddie and Rachel missing still. Matt and I worked with the Raspi a bit, attempting to find the PiCamera python module on the Raspi that wasn’t hooked up to the internet. This failed. Miserably. Maddie and Rachel came back from talking with Lizzy and Jacqueline and we sent off our shopping list to Beth Lockwood. We attended the famous “Pizza and Movie” that occurs every Wednesday then I went with Maryam to see her lab. She explained just about every last detail and I loved it. Her work is fascinating, but I may be biased. She works in the computer science building with computer science majors and I AM planning in majoring in computer science. I’d like to do imaging science, but RIT is way too expensive for us right now and so I’ll just wait and maybe attempt a BS for imaging science later. Although, I’m now getting off topic. HERE is a link to Maryam’s fantastic blog if you’d like to read up on some of the stuff she’s been accomplishing.

Once I returned to my lab again, Maryam hung around for a little while and we all chatted. Except for Matt. He was anti-social and played with the Raspi’s. However, that was a good thing in the end. That internet connection problem with the one Raspi? One of the ethernet ports in the wall is dead, so it turns out it does actually have a connection and we were just plugging it into a bad wall jack. So we installed the PiCamera module, and I think we’re starting to make real progress. We’ve gotten a shutter release working, although it is just crossing two bare wires because we ran out of buttons and switches. Either way, we have to wait for parts before any work can be done on the physical end of the project. It’s quite alright, though. I am a master at the waiting game. Maybe.


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