Presentation Outline

Presentation Outline:

*The main bullets are slide titles and the tabbed in bullets are sub-headings within the slide title that may become their own slides.

**The bolded headings are main subjects under which certain slides will be.


  • Purpose/problem
  • goal of project
  • preliminary research (Bigshot Camera)

Systems Engineering

  • what it is
  • our solutions/Pugh Analysis
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Building the subsystems
    • Electronics/Software (David)-> Raspberry Pi, LCD Display, Battery Pack
    • Optics (Maddie)-> lenses, lens mount, lens testing
    • Casing/Packaging (Rachel)-> 3D modeling, layout of casing, layout of actual box
    • Tools used/available
  • Integration
    • Combining the subsystems
    • Testing
    • Results
  • Launching the System
    • Testing the process by which the original system was created
    • Launching the product

The Final Product:

  • Assessing the performance
  • Conclusions drawn from Results
  • what it actually is
  • what it does/can do/should’ve done
  • components
  • uses/usefulness-> Image processing
  • what actually makes it more advanced/difficult/just better
  • In the future/things for future people working on this camera to consider/improve

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