It’s Dead, Jim.

The fourth Friday was the big “Bring a friend” day. However, only four friends actually came. My friend, Adam, came at around 11 and helped Bob and I set up the volleyball net for the cookout, then I went inside to show him what I had been working on. Which leads me to the event of earlier in the morning. After working for a short period of time, the LCD touchscreen that we had interfaced with the Raspi had started to malfunction. It was showing only a white screen eternally, just as it had when we had first used it. I theorized that perhaps something had shorted due to the close proximity of the screen’s metal frame and the GPIO pins of the Raspi. Later, it was confirmed by Matt that this was the case, as the contact between the two components had caused the Raspi’s GPIO pins to burn out. However, we did not find this out until after I had begun uninstalling modules from the Pi in an attempt to return it to its state before I got my hands on it. We have now transferred the LCD to a new Raspi board, but it will have to be hooked up to the internet, it seems. At the very least, I can code on my computer and transfer the scripts in later.


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