Thursday, August 14

I forgot to mention that the past few days, we have also been rehearsing our presentation. The girls have been doing touch-ups as well based on feedback, and it’s starting to go well. This morning, all the intern groups were giving dry runs of their presentation, and we ended up leaving after ours because Bethany knew that Joe was coming in just a couple hours to see our presentation once more. Later on, after I had to take a bag and a half of lab equipment home, I was able to nail down the portion of the code that focused on the camera’s constants, and got the rotation set properly. Perfect.
In other news, Rachel, Maddie, and I ended up going to lunch late due to our presentation for Joe, and we had our own little reminiscences about our internship. We hope and plan to stay in touch, and I honestly hope that’ll go well. This internship has been one of the most enjoyable opportunities that was ever represented to me, and I sure hope that CIS will have something for me to perhaps help out with next summer and that I will have the opportunity to attend RIT after my final year of high school.


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