I’m back!

Welcome back, true believers! I’m back at RIT as Joe Pow has hired Maddie, Rachel, and I for the summer. We are working with two new interns, Kevin and Yijung, and an incoming freshman who will be with us in Imaging Science , also named Kevin. Our task this summer is to build on our camera system from last year (pictures will be posted of that, I promise) and allow it to take anaglyph (3D) pictures and, hopefully, video.

This blog is beginning a little late, as we are currently on the intern’s second week and we already have some electronics soldered together, thanks to intern Kevin, and Yijung and I have created the basic code to take two pictures and merge the required color bands into an anaglyph picture. However, we DO have a lot of work ahead of us and plan to keep this blog updated as we go along.


This is our image processing code, written in Python using the Python Imaging Library, alongside an image that was processed using our code.


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