The Penultimate Week

David’s Journal. Monday, August 4th. Kivy doesn’t work. Very much at all. So I’m now looking into using Pygame to create and handle my interface. It’s supposedly recommended. Now I just have to figure out how it’ll work. Maybe mouse clicks…


It’s Dead, Jim.

The fourth Friday was the big “Bring a friend” day. However, only four friends actually came. My friend, Adam, came at around 11 and helped Bob and I set up the volleyball net for the cookout, then I went inside to show him what I had been working on. Which leads me to the event of earlier in the morning. After working for a short period of time, the LCD touchscreen that we had interfaced with the Raspi had started to malfunction. It was showing only a white screen eternally, just as it had when we had first used it. I theorized that perhaps something had shorted due to the close proximity of the screen’s metal frame and the GPIO pins of the Raspi. Later, it was confirmed by Matt that this was the case, as the contact between the two components had caused the Raspi’s GPIO pins to burn out. However, we did not find this out until after I had begun uninstalling modules from the Pi in an attempt to return it to its state before I got my hands on it. We have now transferred the LCD to a new Raspi board, but it will have to be hooked up to the internet, it seems. At the very least, I can code on my computer and transfer the scripts in later.

It lives!

First thing this morning, Matt had the soldering iron hot and running already. I was able to solder the touchscreen onto the GPIO pin adapters and we plugged it into the Raspi. After a bit of fnagling (because I promised I’d use that word eventually), we got it working! I was so excited, actually. I got it to auto load the terminal on the screen, so that’s one step closer to a finished product. Also, today marked the fourth day in a row that Joe was able to make it in, so hopefully, the streak will continue!


Today, after the meeting and running upstairs to grab my laptop, I returned to the reading room to lend Alex and Emma a helping hand. After taking the whole morning and finally deciding on using a dictionary for their images and randomly pulling a key from that, Psychopy (the program they were using)  thought it would be HILARIOUS to delete my code. It would be helpful to note at this time that Psychopy has little  to no sense of humor. In the end, I offered to write the program for them or help them write one.

I would like to point out that this all happened because we were waiting for parts.

Presentation Outline

Presentation Outline:

*The main bullets are slide titles and the tabbed in bullets are sub-headings within the slide title that may become their own slides.

**The bolded headings are main subjects under which certain slides will be.


  • Purpose/problem
  • goal of project
  • preliminary research (Bigshot Camera)

Systems Engineering

  • what it is
  • our solutions/Pugh Analysis
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Building the subsystems
    • Electronics/Software (David)-> Raspberry Pi, LCD Display, Battery Pack
    • Optics (Maddie)-> lenses, lens mount, lens testing
    • Casing/Packaging (Rachel)-> 3D modeling, layout of casing, layout of actual box
    • Tools used/available
  • Integration
    • Combining the subsystems
    • Testing
    • Results
  • Launching the System
    • Testing the process by which the original system was created
    • Launching the product

The Final Product:

  • Assessing the performance
  • Conclusions drawn from Results
  • what it actually is
  • what it does/can do/should’ve done
  • components
  • uses/usefulness-> Image processing
  • what actually makes it more advanced/difficult/just better
  • In the future/things for future people working on this camera to consider/improve

Back Around to Monday

Monday again. I love this internship, and it’s honestly the only thing making Mondays bearable right now. The 5V DC DC step up converter arrived today, as did the lenses and lens adapter for the Raspi. I coded more today, getting a working script with our shutter release, and am currently working on improving the file naming system. As of now, it simply names the pictures with a randomly generated ASCII string. I am attempting to get it dated as well, for organizational purposes. That’s about all I’ve got. Not much to post about for a while, but, because of my recent tardiness with posts, I’ll attempt to come up with something extra to post later today. Other than that, come back tomorrow! Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!


Today, parts continued to trickle in. Matt and I rigged up a sort of prototype configuration for the components and how we want them to be, well, configured. I also ended up finishing acquiring modules for the Raspi and started putting together some code for the camera. Maddie and Rachel looked at the case and how we could get everything together in there and Matt grabbed some bits and pieces from a box of parts. This box contained screws and spacers, mainly, and assisted us in the jury-rigging of our current configuration.


Thursday was mainly just sitting around, waiting for modules to install onto the Raspi. I went to Crossroads for lunch. Talked to people. We had people build the Bigshot camera. I talked with Maryam for a little while. That’s about all I got.